Mental Health Training

Maddison Coaching and Consulting are part of the call for a mentally healthy working world.

1 in 4 adults experience mental illness; its impact is well known and common to us all.  Our services can help you to significantly reduce the amount of time taken off due to stress whilst increasing performance and productivity.  We can provide the mental health training support you need for your workplace. Delivered by MHFA England qualified trainers.

One to One Life Coaching delivered by our qualified practitioners will help reduce stress and anxiety.

  • How to reduce tension and anxiety
  • Managing the mental health of your workforce

Team training events to support Mental Health awareness within your workplace.

  • How to relax when under pressure
  • Developing teams with good physical and mental health

“ I found that Maddison Coaching and Consulting could actually do something that was tailored to my needs as opposed to something more generic. If you’re looking to work with Maddison, I would say do it, it’s been a pleasure working with them.”

Dr Nusreen Ahmed – Research Scientist PHE

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