Allow us to facilitate your growth with our best practice coaching techniques.

Using an eclectic style of coaching we work in partnership with our clients and enjoy witnessing how our chosen techniques unlock their perspective on prevailing matters, perhaps from an angle they have never considered before.

The aim of our coaching is to facilitate growth in both individuals and teams, transforming the way you think, feel, and behave in both professional and personal life.

Group Coaching:

We specialise in delivering Group Coaching to develop a positive team culture and working environment. Together we’ll address those difficult topics and discussions, challenging group think and the fixed mindset. Possible outcomes include improved understanding and tolerance of others; galvanising and improving the integration of all team members; boosting a team’s performance and productivity.

If you’d like to experience a taste of our Group Coaching we offer the following free 45 minute demonstrations (delivered face to face or virtually):

    • Developing a ‘challenge culture’ – ‘speak up and listen up’
    • Managing difficult conversations
    • Developing a winning mind set
    • Remaining effective under pressure

One to One Professional and Life Coaching:

Adhering to the values and standards of the International Coaching Federation (ICF) our personal one to one coaching will transform the way you think, feel, and behave in both professional and personal life. You are at the heart of our coaching your needs, learning and understanding come before anything else.

Possible outcomes include increased awareness of your impact on others and them on you; greater understanding of the results you are trying to achieve at work and in life generally; improved working and personal relationships; improved mental and physical well-being.

“ I’d highly recommend Maddison Coaching and Consulting for their Group Coaching. The event I attended was very good indeed: informative, well researched and unique. Thank you Maddison, for a most enjoyable day. ”

Julie Bundy – EY Business Development Director

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