Business Transformation

In today’s busy society it’s very easy to lose sight of what’s important for our teams and ourselves.

Our business transformation helps you identify capability gaps in your organisation and work with you to fill those gaps.

We can carry out a needs analysis to determine where you really need to focus to develop your workforce. Or we can concentrate on delivering transformational solutions to improve performance relating to a specific challenge.

Maddison Coaching and Consulting’s business transformation specialists help organisations adapt to change, close capability gaps or simply improve the performance of their employees, teams and leaders.

The Human interface with technology:

  • Coping with new ways of working
  • Understanding the use of new technology
  • How technology has reshaped society

Needs analysis to determine where you really need to focus to develop your workforce:

  • Identifying capability gaps and offering solutions
  • Confirming the effectiveness of training and/or interventions

Work force analysis, which includes:

  • Social Network Analysis
  • Time Management
  • Change Management

Research products for your future referral, such as:

  • Data collated from Surveys and Interviews
  • Observation reports
  • Personality type and trait analysis

“Without hesitation I would happily recommend your services to others, either military or civilian”

Lieutenant Colonel Yvette Ashman – HR Manager at HM Forces

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