Business Transformation

Supporting your organisation through changing and challenging times

In today’s busy society it’s very easy to lose sight of what’s important for our teams and ourselves. Maddison Coaching and Consulting can help organisations adapt to change, close capability gaps or simply improve the performance of their employees, teams and leaders.

We specialise in offering management consultancy solutions that are people focused. With an emphasis on improving how organisations manage communication and information during periods of demanding productivity and change.

Business Transformation Consultancy

Our Business Transformation consultancy services are ideal during periods of demanding productivity or required change. We will support you in improving your organisation’s communication and information management processes when you’re stretched, allowing you to get on with what you do best.

With over twenty years experience of operations planning and management we can support you in delivering the best effect for your business.

Needs analysis, intervention design and implementation

We will carry out a full needs analysis to determine where you really need to focus to develop your workforce. Or we can concentrate on delivering transformational solutions to improve performance relating to a specific challenge.

  • Work Study Analysis – Identifying capability gaps and offering solutions
  • Quantitative and qualitative data analysis – collated from surveys we will design and interviews we’ll conduct
  • Confirming the effectiveness of training and/or other change management interventions
  • Information flow analysis (including Social Network Analysis (SNA))

“The Maddison Coaching and Consulting team know exactly how to convey their knowledge and experience in a manner which keeps you engaged throughout the process.”

Nikki Grove – Head of Service at GCI Com

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