Our Approach

We are a well-qualified, professional and accredited team who are passionate about improving human performance.

Vicky Maddison


In 2018 Vicky established Maddison Coaching; a dynamic team who specialise in improving human performance through executive coaching, mental health training, business transformation and sports performance coaching. At the heart of our services is a focus on mental wellbeing and physical wellness. Whether that’s relating to leadership training for executives or imagery work with talented athletes, the state of body and mind greatly effects how we perform no matter what we do.

“I established Maddison Coaching to strengthen my ability to nurture talent and enable individuals and teams to flourish.  I promise that if you and your people are ready, we can create better, happier, healthier and more productive teams.”

Focus Executive Coaching (Leadership enhancement, team cohesion); Sports Performance (imagery); Mental Health (Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapy); Human Performance Research.

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We pride ourselves on being open, honest and hardworking. The challenges of working on a consultancy basis drive us to deliver successful results for our clients every time. Our services will advance the way you and your team perform.

As performance scientists we believe that an evidence-based approach is essential to all that we do, and our methods are well researched. When we come across an innovative and untested approach to human improvement, we relish the opportunity to put it to the test ourselves so that we can measure the benefit it will provide.

Ben Erridge

Sports Performance Director

With an MSc in Sports and Exercise Psychology, Ben is a sports performance coach working towards BPS Chartered Sports Psychologist status. He has a wealth of experience working with children and adults with physical and learning disabilities and thrives on encouraging individuals to live as fulfilling a life as possible. His dream is to work as an applied Sports Psychologist in a Paralympic team.

Focus Sports Performance (psychological skills training); Mental Health (coping with physical and learning disabilities); Human Performance Research.

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