Group Coaching

Experience our group coaching workshops for career and personal development

Informative and relaxed, we’ll guarantee knowledgeable presentations and some tips for practical application of evidence-based techniques, delivered by experienced coaching practitioners.

An example of what we’re currently offering can be found on this page.

We also offer 45 min free group coaching demonstrations (either face to face or virtually), contact us directly to find out more.

We specialise in delivering Group Coaching to develop a positive team culture and working environment.

Together we’ll address those difficult topics and discussions, challenging group think and the fixed mindset. Possible outcomes include improved understanding and tolerance of others; galvanising and improving the integration of all team members; boosting a team’s performance and productivity.

If you’d like to experience a taste of our Group Coaching we offer the following free 45 minute demonstrations (delivered face to face or virtually):

o Developing a ‘challenge culture’ – ‘speak up and listen up’
o Managing difficult conversations
o Developing a winning mind set
o Remaining effective under pressure

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