Challenge Culture

A group coaching package to enhance team performance and workplace productivity

Evidence shows that organisations where all team members are engaged, regardless of position, are more effective at what they do, are more resilient and have better staff retention.

Productive conflict within teams is healthy but creating a culture where anyone feels confident to challenge, in a constructive way, is difficult to do. It’s difficult for some leaders to accept that their staff could have valid suggestions and it’s difficult for some staff to have the confidence that they will be listened to. All too often, challenge becomes criticism, is resented, and the boss’s decision is final.

Developing a genuine Challenge Culture within an organisation is possible with thoughtful and targeted training and coaching. Creating teams who can manage productive conflict will pay dividends across the business.

Overcoming complex problems

Some of the more complex problems that we regularly face in today’s world require diverse views to solve them effectively. Too often the management of these diverse views causes adversity and counterproductive conflict. It is human nature to feel valued when we can contribute value, so nurturing opportunities to challenge is vital. If we feel valued, we will perform better, are more likely to support colleagues and be more productive.

How we can help?

Maddison Coaching is proud to offer our Challenge Culture training and coaching package.  Through a series of three workshops followed by individual professional coaching sessions, we can help you to lead your teams – from senior leader to junior roles – into a productive conflict mindset. We can show you and your staff how to embrace challenge, to speak out and to create opportunities for everyone to flourish, regardless of their strengths or abilities.

Guided Training and Group Coaching

Our workshops combine guided training with group coaching techniques and can be conducted over 3 afternoons and cover a range of topics including:

  • What is productive conflict?
  • Defining what positive challenge looks and feels like.
  • Skills and techniques for speaking up and listening up
  • Managing difficult conversations
  • Group activities and discussions to help understand yourself and others better

What’s involved?

Designed for organisations where teamwork matters. The package can be delivered to a minimum of 4 and a maximum of 16 per 2 Maddison Coaching facilitators, larger groups can be negotiated with Maddison Coaching directly.
The Group Coaching workshops can be delivered remotely online, but best delivered face to face. Individual Coaching can be delivered both remotely online and face to face to the preference of the individual’s needs.

Each individual will receive:

  • A productive conflict personality profile assessment and access to our (authorised DiSC partner) online learning tool. (Senior leaders will also receive an extra ‘work of leaders’ profile assessment and information on implementing 360o feedback).
  • 3 x Individual professional coaching sessions over a 3 month period.

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