Our vision is to improve performance and productivity by creating better, happier, healthier individuals and teams.

Maddison Coaching and Consulting was built on the belief that there’s always room for improvement and to get the best out of others you must look after them well.

This doesn’t mean pandering to their every whim, but it does mean providing high quality training, coaching or mentoring that will enable your people to flourish.

To meet our vision Maddison Coaching and Consulting maintains a core set of values:

Be inquisitive and open-minded

Search for the heart of the issue and always test your assumptions. Take every effort to avoid unconscious bias.

Deliver honest and reliable feedback

Clients will always get an honest answer from our work, even if it might not be to their liking!

Instill passion and commitment for performance improvement

Improving performance takes some effort and we’ll give 100% of ours to help clients meet their expectations. 

Maintain good humoured perseverance

Not everything goes well all the time. Blind optimism can be as bad as consistent pessimism, but we aim to get the balance right and be realistic about our targets.

Maddison Coaching and Consulting are also committed to supporting the following UN Sustainability Development Goals (SDG):

Sustainable Development Goals
3 Good Health and well being
4 Quality Education
10 Reduced Inequalites
11 Sustainable Cities and Communities

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