Collaborations & Testimonials

Take a look at some of our collaborations and hear what our clients have to say about our work.


We’re proud to have supported companies such as Energise Me who deliver Hampshire’s Talented Athlete Scheme and pleased to be part of the supplier network for Defence’s Human Social Science Research Capability (HSSRC) led by BAE Systems.

Maddison Coaching and Consulting works in collaboration to get the best results. We have strong B2B partnering relationships with companies such as The Altus Life and Systema Academy who share similar vision and values to our own.

Tom Hewson, GB Javelin Thrower

Tom is one of Hampshire’s talented up and coming athletes ranked amongst the top Javelin throwers in the UK. He’s aiming to demonstrate just how well he can perform in 2022’s Commonwealth Games.

Maddison Coaching have worked with Tom over the last three years and have helped to develop his psychological skills techniques to improve his performance. Most recently we’ve supported him in over coming an injury and rebuilding his confidence to push his performance beyond its limits.

Dr Nusreen Ahmad-Saeed, Research Scientist at PHE

Individuals working in high pressured environments often don’t notice the impact of those external strains on their mental well-being until it’s too late. Naz was nowhere near that stage but with a busy work schedule, the anxiety of striving for great results and juggling home and family responsibilities, it was becoming really hard work. Maddison Coaching supported Naz with Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapy to help her relax and focus leading up to her viva.

Naz absolutely nailed her viva, not surprisingly since she’s a leading expert in her field and really did know her stuff. All she needed was just a little support to ignite that belief in herself.

Supporting our Armed Forces

As a committed signatory to the Armed Forces Covenant, we’re delighted to support serving personnel their families, veterans and the Defence Community in whatever way we can.  Offering a 30% discount on all our services.

As well as our known testimonials we always ask for anonymous feedback to find out what people really think so we can improve what we do. Here’s some more thoughts from our previous events:

It was fun, interactive, informative, unique, and interesting

For the leadership event I honestly cannot think of anything that would have improved it, all elements were very useful and if anything it would have been great to have stayed longer to carry on the discussions.

The team building exercises, both as an observer and commentator as well as being part of the team when someone is observing, I would have loved to see more of this!

The relaxed atmosphere and the high calibre of the presenters.

I thought it was well organised, the presentations were presented in a clear and understandable way, and the event was comfortable and enjoyable. Couldn’t have asked for more.

To be honest before the event I was sceptical on whether I would be able to focus my mind sufficiently to utilise imagery to enhance performance. At the end of the sessions, however, I was really surprised that on most of the visualisation tests I was able to focus and I believed in what I was imagining. This was achieved by the expert sessions and belief of the trainers in their product. It certainly worked for me!

The venue was easily accessible. The way the day was presented with the theory and research behind the use of imagery which led to the practical application of it. Lots of activities to stay engaged rather than being spoken to all day. The opportunity to network and meet other people with similar details interests.

Well structured day and very friendly and approachable team from Maddison Coaching and Consulting. Good range of practical exercises.

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