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We are well-qualified, professional and fully accredited, doing what we do exceptionally.

Our services will advance the way you and your team perform. As performance specialists we believe that an evidence-based approach is essential to all that we do, our methods are therefore well researched.

When we come across an innovative and untested approach to human improvement, we relish the opportunity to put it to the test ourselves so that we can measure the benefit it will provide to others.

Vicky Maddison

Meet our founder:

In 2018 Vicky established Maddison Coaching and Consulting to specialise in improving human performance through professional coaching and management consultancy.

“I established Maddison Coaching to support individuals and teams in reaching their full potential, to flourish through challenging and changing times.

A healthy body and mind are the key components of peak performance and success. I believe that if you don’t have both you will always fall slightly short of the mark and never fully realise your true potential. Sadly with the psychological elements of success many never even realise that their mind is the limiting factor and this is where our services can help. We can support individuals and groups in understanding themselves and each other better. Providing them with lasting skills and techniques to use their minds to the full and excel.

I promise that if you and your people are ready, we can create better, happier, healthier and more productive teams.”

Focus Individual and Group Coaching (ICF Member); Sports Performance (recovering from injury and set backs, career/performance transition); Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapy (CNHC and GHR registered); Authorised Everything DiSC partner; Business Transformation specialist.

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