Does effective communication still matter?

Yes! In today’s busy world where we are constantly bombarded with information, effective communication is surely more important than ever. Furthermore the current global pandemic has stretched our lines of communication to the full, as working remotely from home has become the new norm.

But how can you make sure that your messages get the attention they need?
As any good orator will tell you, it starts with understanding your audience: What are their priorities and motivations? What are their preferred communication channels? What potential barriers might prevent them receiving your message as you intend?

More than this, the same questions can usefully be reflected back to ourselves: What are our priorities? Do we always use the most appropriate communication channels? What stops us sending messages that our audience wants to receive?

As senior leaders in business, we’d probably like to think that communication is something we already do well. We didn’t get where we are today without being effective communicators, but it’s not just managers and directors who need to communicate effectively; we need to encourage our team members to do the same for the sake of efficient business and a harmonious workplace. And with busy teams or stressed staff, asking people to pause and reflect on their communications skills can be a challenge in itself.

Maddison Coaching’s group coaching workshop on effective communication explores all of these questions. Covering a range of relevant topics, from models of communication theory to some practical exercises. Contact us directly to book a workshop for your team or experience one of our free 45 min demonstrations (face to face or virtual).

06 December 2022

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