Maddison Podcasts

We’re delighted to introduce our new series of podcasts now available for download:

Vicky Maddison will introduce you to Progressive Muscle Relaxation (PMR) and then take you through an effective training exercise.  PMR is a relaxation technique that can help everyone to relax or reduce pain, and for sports performers it will help develop the skill of differential relaxation to enhance performance.  Learn the exercise and then practise everyday for a couple of weeks to be able to use it whenever you need to the most. 

Then find out how to improve your performance when under pressure, or simply help a busy mind find some peace. Discover two very simple, proven and effective attentional focus techniques that anyone can use.  Understand and apply cognitive defusion exercises that will help to clear your mind and practise some reflective writing to help you focus upon areas of improvement.  

We hope that our series of podcasts will help you to relax, regroup and refocus your mind.

06 January 2022

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