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Are you a manager who needs to develop leadership skills in your team?

“The function of leadership is to produce more leaders, not more followers.” 

Ralph Nader

Why do we need to develop leadership skills in our teams?

We all know that if we ourselves are effective leaders, we will be increasing the productivity of our organisation, engaging and retaining our staff and generally making better business decisions. However, effective leaders also need teams around with leadership skills too. Why?

Day-to-day, you need your teams to take ownership of their work; you don’t need them to bother you with every minor decision. Your staff need to feel empowered to a level appropriate to their responsibility so they can contribute to your organisation’s effectiveness. This requires some of the skills of leadership.

Effective leadership will also be planning for its own succession. Whether we’re ambitious to move up or know that we will, one day, just move on, a good leader will have an eye on those around them to nurture the skills and talents that may take over from you. (And being seen to encourage talent is rarely seen as a bad thing).

Having strong leadership skills around you can make you even more effective as a leader. If you are surrounded and supported by effective teams, to delegate tasks and share plaudits, collectively, you will achieve far more. Remember, good leaders shouldn’t feel the need to take all the credit.

If you are interested in how to develop the leadership skills of those around you, why not experience a Maddison Coaching leadership development workshop. This event and webinar will be led by Maddison Coaching’s owner and director Vicky Maddison, an executive coach who specialises in developing leadership skills. Contact us directly to book a workshop for your team.

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(45 min free (virtual or face to face) demonstrations available, must be a minimum of 6 attendees)

06 January 2022

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