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Performing under pressure

You’ve trained hard and you’ve prepared well for your event, but now the pressure’s on.

How well do you cope under pressure? At Maddison Coaching we can support you in developing the mental toughness that’s required to perform well under pressure.

During this two-hour workshop we’ll work with you to help improve how you handle the pressure of performance, providing you with advice and practical skills to use when it matters most during your event. By using some simulated activities to remind you how you react under pressure, we’ll then offer you guidance and tips about how you can manage those difficult moments during your performance better. Providing you with sound practical advice that will support you in developing your mental toughness.

This workshop is designed for sports people at all levels, including enthusiastic amateurs. Led by Maddison Coaching’s Sports Performance Director Ben Erridge who also specialises in working with sports performers with learning difficulties and physical disability.

14 December 2021

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