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An introduction to Imagery in Sport

How do you take your performance to the next level?

Ever tried using Imagery? If you have, have you used it well?

At Maddison Coaching’s workshop we’ll show you how to get the best out of using Imagery techniques and explain why 90% of top athletes and 94% of their coaches claim it’s the most effective psychological skill they use.

During this two-hour workshop we’ll introduce you to the different methods of using Imagery. We’ll also offer some practical skills and advice on how you can make Imagery part of your mental preparation for performance. By the end of the session you’ll understand more about Imagery and how it can help you improve your performance.

This workshop is designed for sports people at all levels, including enthusiastic amateurs. Led by Maddison Coaching’s Sports Performance Director Ben Erridge who also specialises in working with sports performers with learning difficulties and physical disability.

14 December 2021

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