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Mental preparation for key competitions

Obtain a competitive edge by learning how to improve your mind game.

You’ve got a great technique, the right nutritional plan and the best equipment – is your head in the right place? At Maddison Coaching we can help you to make sure you’re mentally ready for your next big competition.

During this two-hour workshop we’ll work with you to help improve your mental preparation, providing you with advice and practical skills to help you better prepare yourself for that next big event. We will take you through a suggested step by step preparation plan. Offering you guidance and tips about what to do the night before, one week in advance, a month even six months – there’s always mental preparation work that can be used to give you that competitive edge.

This workshop is designed for sports people at all levels, including enthusiastic amateurs. Led by Maddison Coaching’s Sports Performance Director Ben Erridge who also specialises in working with sports performers with learning difficulties and physical disability.

06 December 2021

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