Was the training you received last year a bit like an unwanted Christmas present?

We don’t always get what we want – even when we think we’ve dropped enough hints. CPD training can feel the same.

Despite hoping for or expecting high quality, bespoke training programmes you may well end up with a standard package. Rolled out to meet the current trends in performance improvement.  A touch of leadership training, perhaps some mental health awareness. Unless you conduct a thorough training needs analysis it’s just a ‘guesstimate’ of what training you or your supplier thinks you need.

Will personality profiling do for training needs analysis?

You may even have decided on a specific training package you really want.  Perhaps conducted some personality/trait profiling. Categorising everyone into different colours to match their best and worst characteristics.  Surely that’s enough to determine the best training for your team.  Well it’s a start but it will only take you so far. Quality training will help improve your team’s performance, assist with retention and succession planning. It will increase your overall productivity and with it your profit margins.  Yes, training costs time and money, but it’s well worth putting a chunk of that effort into finding out what you really need. A thorough assessment of your actual training needs by professional trainers will reduce wasted effort and significantly increase your value for money.

Last year we dealt with a client who had planned their training needs on the colour match from a personality/trait profiling tool. They had decided that what they wanted from us was leadership training.  As we worked on the requirement it became clear that this wasn’t the case.  Sure, there was a small element of leadership training required but it was clear to us that the training they asked for was overkill. For their needs effort was better placed elsewhere.

Why conduct a training needs analysis?

Training isn’t just a set of packaged anecdotes; it’s delivering the most relevant activities in the most effective manner to those that need it. These activities might be workshops, coaching or good old-fashioned studying.  The manner of delivery might be instructional, one to one, self-reflection or on-line learning.  Regardless of the what or the how, quality training cannot be delivered without a thorough needs analysis.  Maddison Coaching is amongst the best at establishing what their clients really need for improvement. So get in touch to ask us for more information about our training needs analysis packages.

13 January 2020

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