To Tweet or not to Tweet?

At between 8pm and 9pm this evening (19th Feb) Maddison Coaching have been invited to host @HampshireHour on the topic of leadership.

‘Hampshire Hour’ is a Twitter based event which occurs every Tuesday, its purpose is for Hampshire businesses to use the hour for exchange of knowledge and information – in other words a virtual form of business networking without the cost.

The on-line global community does not just enable us to access massive quantities of facts and information, but also provides access to an unlimited set of opinion and comments. Through social media, blogs and news outlets, we are not just limited to views of professional commentators; we have access to the views of everybody who owns a smartphone and chooses to post content. This is a fantastic opportunity to celebrate diversity of opinion but also presents a number of challenges. Because of the immense variety of topics and the tools available to conduct very specific searches, we usually only access a very limited set of opinions, all of which are nearly identical to those that we already hold, so it is really difficult to reach out to and influence a new audience.

Events like @HampshireHour are a particularly exciting opportunity. It is a great chance to bring together a diverse range of opinions that we might not normally access if trying to navigate social media on our own. We very much look forward to hosting this evening’s event and hearing the varying perspectives of others and are really looking forward to sharing some of our thoughts with you.

19 February 2019

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